Cody is an ‘Osteopathy thesis student’. Cody has completed her 5 year osteopathic coursework and is currently working on her thesis in order to obtain her diploma for the completion of the osteopathic training program. Cody’s thesis is exploring the effects of osteopathic treatment, focusing on the digestive tract, on self-perceived stress.

Cody’s passion for Osteopathy began after she received her first treatment. After being referred to an Osteopathic Practitioner for health issues that weren’t being resolved through other avenues she was a believer.

Cody has completed her Osteopathic coursework with the Canadian College of Osteopathy Manual Practice in Vancouver and is currently working on her thesis to gain full completion of the program. With a background in Psychology, Yoga & Pilates, Cody is experienced working with individuals towards their health goals on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Growing up in the East Kootenays of BC has instilled a love for the outdoors in Cody and she enjoys nothing more than a good hike with her husband and son.

If you would like to book with Cody please do so online (links on home and contacts page), email cody: or call 250 871 4409

*Cody’s subsidized treatment rates reflect the lack of availability of extended medical coverage for her treatments given her current status as a ‘Osteopathy thesis student’. Cody is fully covered by professional and liability insurance for the body work she provides.