Hi! My name is Cody, I graduated from the Canadian School of Osteopathy in 2019 after completing the 5-year course and thesis program. After completing my thesis which explored Osteopathic treatment of the digestive tract and its effect on stress, I have a special interest in treating those suffering from digestive issues and chronic stress.  During my program I received thorough training in cranial and visceral osteopathy and I find these systems especially interesting and overlooked in other modalities.

I studied psychology at Dalhousie University and am a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. I have 10-years of experience working with others in a rehabilitative and health focused context.

My past studies and experiences have given me a holistic view of health. I believe that we are more than just muscles and bones and that our mental and emotional health contribute greatly to our physical state.

I am the mother of two young, vibrant boys and I enjoy treating other moms either pre or post-natal along with their little ones. I love Osteopathy because of its wide variety of treatment tools ranging from craniosacral therapy to joint mobilizations. I believe that the practitioner should always utilize these tools according to what the patient needs.

I grew up playing sports, camping and fishing in the East Kootenays which has instilled a deep love nature in me. I love being outside either skiing, hiking or in the garden with my boys. I think the Comox Valley is a beautiful and special place and I am glad I am able to offer my services to the community here.

If you would like to book with Cody please do so online (links on home and contacts page), email cody: or call 250 871 4409